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Award winning Godwick Free Range turkey from our family run farm in Norfolk

Wishing all our customers a very Merry Christmas

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Our Story

We are a family run Norfolk business specialising in producing quality free range turkeys for Christmas.

We have been supplying families with great tasting succulent Christmas turkey for over 50 years – we guarantee a Godwick Norfolk turkey will not disappoint.

All our Christmas turkeys are dry-plucked by hand and are hung for 14 days in the traditional way to guarantee a rich tasting, succulent meat. Just the way it should be.

Norfolk has been synonymous with rearing great tasting turkeys for a very long time and we work very hard to keep that tradition going. If you want a great tasting turkey at Christmas then order a Norfolk free range turkey from Godwick. We can guarantee the quality and that they are reared the way they should be.

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Golden Turkey, Ham and Pecan Crumble

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Illustrations by my very dear friend, the Late Debbie Lishman.