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22nd December

A Godwick Turkey for Any Size of Plate

A Godwick Turkey for Any Size of Plate

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about the ingredients needed for that delicious, traditional roast turkey Christmas dinner you will be preparing for your family. 

Here at Godwick Turkeys, we can supply the star of your dinner.  Our turkeys come in a range of sizes to cater for small and larger parties and we have turkey crowns available too.  Will you opt for the rich-tasting Black turkey or the milder-tasting, yet equally as succulent and delicious, Golden turkey?  All our turkeys are reared on our farm in Norfolk where they have access to green pastures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A turkey with unrestricted access to the outdoors is a happy turkey indeed. 

Boxing Day and Beyond

As you relax on Boxing Day, recovering from the big day, are you someone who cannot get enough of leftover turkey meat?  Our turkeys are produced to the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance growing standards and each bird is individually dry plucked by hand before being hung for 14 days in the optimum conditions.  This method of processing is in keeping with proven, traditional practices that ensure our turkeys offer that traditional turkey taste whether served hot or cold.  By rearing our birds to full maturity, you are guaranteed to serve succulent meat on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and beyond!

Christmas Turkey Dinner

A Special, Intimate Christmas this Year

As the world faces uncertain and challenging times, we can be sure of one thing – we have a Godwick Turkey for any size of plate.  Our smaller birds and crowns will comfortably feed a party of six, but why not opt for a larger turkey so that there is plenty of leftover meat to go round?  The Covid-19 pandemic is paving the way for a special, intimate Christmas this year, so make sure a Godwick turkey is part of it.

Countdown to the big day...

Cooked Turkey Leg

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Illustrations by my very dear friend, the Late Debbie Lishman.