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What Makes a Godwick Turkey Free Range Turkey Unique?

What Makes a Godwick Turkey Free Range Turkey Unique

As summer draws to a close, the weather begins to turn cooler and the nights slowly start to draw in which can only mean one thing… Christmas is just around the corner!  We’re sorry to mention the ‘C’ word, but our free-range turkeys are the stars of a traditional Christmas dinner, so it’s a very special time of year for us here at Godwick Turkeys.


Traditional Farm-Fresh Turkey Association

We are proud to have been producing quality Black and Golden turkeys on our Norfolk farm for the past 50 years.  Our turkeys are unique in many ways and outrival the quality of meat sold in supermarkets and large commercial outlets.  For starters, we are a member of the Traditional Farm-Fresh Turkey Association and our turkeys are produced to the Golden Turkey Quality Assurance growing standards.  It sounds impressive, but what exactly does this mean we hear you ask?  Well, to put it simply, it means that we care a great deal about the welfare of our birds and the quality of your Christmas dinner!


24/7 Access to Pastures

The great Norfolk countryside has much to offer a Godwick Turkey and our farm is no exception.  We allow our turkeys access to pastures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Turkeys love to be outdoors exploring their surroundings but, at night, they prefer to settle on the fresh, dry straw in one of our spacious pole barns.


Traditional Turkey Taste

If you haven’t yet experienced the taste and texture of a Godwick Turkey, then allow us a few moments to explain why our free-range birds are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.  Unlike the turkeys that find their way onto supermarket shelves, we rear our birds to full maturity, so that they develop a natural covering of fat.  This makes for meat that is juicier and more succulent than that of a younger bird.  Each bird is individually dry plucked by hand before being hung for 14 days in the optimum conditions.  Our special way of processing is in keeping with proven, traditional practices that ensure our Christmas turkeys offer that traditional turkey taste.


If you would like to put on a spectacular spread this Christmas, be sure to order your Godwick Turkey in good time for the big day.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Illustrations by my very dear friend, the Late Debbie Lishman.