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Your Free Range Godwick Turkeys

Your Free Range Godwick Turkeys

If you are the person tasked with sourcing and purchasing the turkey for that all-important family Christmas dinner this year, we are here to tell you all about our very special free-range Norfolk turkeys.


Health and Welfare

At Godwick Hall Farm, our turkeys really do live the life of Riley.  The health and welfare of our birds is paramount and we believe in creating an environment in which the birds can grow and thrive.  Each year, the turkeys come to us as day-old chicks and we love, nurture and care for them from that moment onwards.  When the birds reach the age of around 6 weeks, they are allowed access to the paddocks where they roam free and explore all that the outdoors has to offer.  They are fed a natural diet containing at least 70% grains with no animal protein and unlike many of the turkeys produced for supermarket sales, we never use antibiotics or other additives to promote rapid growth.  Our free-range turkeys lead happy lives as they develop to full maturity at around 26 weeks of age.


Norfolk Black and Bronze Turkeys

We rear two breeds of turkey on our farm here in Norfolk.  They are similar, but with some distinct differences.  The Norfolk Black is one of the oldest breeds of turkey, renowned for its rich, gamey flavour.  The Bronze turkey is a cross between a black turkey and a white turkey.  It matures more quickly than the Norfolk Black and has a milder flavour.


Totally Traditional Turkeys

Producing ‘Totally Traditional Turkeys’ is the gold standard of Christmas turkey farming and Godwick Turkeys holds the Golden Turkey Assurance seal of approval.  We rear our turkeys with the greatest care to produce the finest, totally traditional farm-fresh meat.  We follow traditional practices guaranteed to produce quality, succulent meat full of that old, traditional flavour and texture.  A Godwick Turkey is the true definition of a Christmas turkey.


To secure your free-range Godwick turkey this Christmas, head on over to our online shop or visit one of our many approved stockists located throughout the UK.

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turkey pencil illustration
turkey illustration - facing
turkey illustration - side profile
Illustrations by my very dear friend, the Late Debbie Lishman.